About Us


Officially incorporated by the state of Maryland in 2002, JULAMFO Graphics has been in the business of creative imaging and design since 2000. Its founder has transformed a hobby into a company that many organizations along the east coast depend on for high quality creative designs that are distinctly innovative, appealing and affordable. What began as a concept for a business card layout has developed into a host of products and services from print to digital media.

JULAMFO Graphics--Where Imagination unfolds on print and screen.”


Our People:

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Our Process:

Imagine – It is our goal to foster customer needs into the medium of their choice. At JULAMFO Graphics the consultation stage is the most critical. During our consultation we ask probative questions that allow us to assess the working environment, the target audience, financial abilities and/or limitations, identify and assess competition, incorporate your creative vision and product functionality.

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Creative Consulting (in-depth analysis)
  • Define measurable objectives
  • Devise plan(s) of action


Create – Our creative design/imaging specialists work to put your ideas into the medium(s) of your choice. During our creation phase we invest the time to establish all aspects of your business, project of event:

  • Branding (corporate identity)
  • Creative Marketing
  • Graphic Imaging and Design
  • Web Development (online tools)
  • …and a host other services


Develop – In the Imagination phase of our process we close with the task of devising an action plan. Once your project has been created, reviewed by you and tested against market trends, we return to further develop your product based on our findings.

  • Anticipate and measure results
  • Modify action plans (if applicable)


Produce – The purpose of taking the design process in many steps is to ensure that all of our customers obtain the necessities for a successful promotion. In the production stage we will produce the final product(s)--whether it be the launch of a website, the mass production of a media promotional package, or the distribution of a stationary kit.

  • Celebrate your success.
  • Reward your for your return business (see Seniority Sensations)


Our Promise!

On the commitments file (from the Bylaws)